Class Description

Aradia™ Fitness Pole Dancing and Sensual Movement Classes for Fitness

With foundations in yoga, pilates and dance, Aradia™ offers fitness classes specifically tailored for a woman’s body. Aradia takes a holistic approach to fitness offering benefits that serve a woman’s mind, body and soul. Students gain confidence as they build physical strength, flexibility and conditioning. Students also gain a sense of wellness as they learn to adore, celebrate and flaunt every curve of their body.

From the moment you walk in the door, you will feel welcomed. We will start slow, teaching you the basics as you build up strength and confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be challenging yourself to try moves and spins you never thought you’d be able to do!  Classes are lighthearted, warm and full of laughter. Women come for the workout and stay for the wonderful sense of community and celebration!

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Classes 4 Week Sessions

We offer 4-6 week sessions from Level One to the  Masterclass series. You will pick a class and attend the same one each week at the same time/date. Each class you will progress based on previous weeks so that is why it is important to follow the sessions in order and to try to not miss too many classes. One make up class is allowed with each 4 week session and must be taken within the same month. Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Level 1: Our introduction to pole dancing and sensual movement for fitness. Participants can expect to gain a good foundation of sensual movement and pole work transforming your mind and body, preparing you for more advanced levels. These classes are sexy, lively and fun, including your first routine… be prepared to meet your sexy side!

Level 2: The foundation moves from Level 1 pole and sensual movement are taken to a whole new level with lots of new sexy moves and spins. We build upon moves we’ve learned and incorporate a challenging pole routine including 3 new pole moves. Another fun and sexy floor work routine taken to the next level. At this level you are likely noticing increased body strength and your spirit more empowered.

Level 3: By the time you reach Level 3, you are feeling powerful, strong and sexy! Pull out your high heels and boots as we kick it up a notch! Sensual floor work continues to advance so that participants are challenged with new moves as you learn to walk and dance in heels and boots.

Level 4: If you haven’t already, you will be ready to start flipping upside down on the pole and learning some Intermediate pole moves. Your rhythm, balance, strength and flexibility will all start to tie in together and you may want to start thinking about putting on a show of your own.

Level 5: This is where we start to perfect your techniques, offer challenging pole spins and moves and continue to work on your flow, balance, flexibility, rhythm and strength as you start to develop your own style. You’re having an amazing workout, you feel euphoric and are really experiencing the ‘dancer’s high’!

Level 6: For those who have met the challenge and are ready to take it to a whole new level! Combining our pole spins, holds, inversions, climb and sensual floor work, to create an empowering workout.

Level 7: Using our endurance, strength and grace while we focus on our combinations, climbs and inversions. We are focusing on pole technique and fluidity of floor work.

Level 8: This advanced program is designed to refine your inversions, spins, new combinations and climbs.

Level 9: Strength, grace and fluidity in movement are the highlights of this advanced level program.

Level 10: By offering challenging pole and sensual floor work, we work on our floor, strength and rhythm. Challenging combinations of climbs, inversions and spins are the focus of advanced program

Master Class Series: Our highest level program is designed to teach advanced pole tricks, combinations, climbs and holds. We focus on strength and flexibility to improve and refine our pole work in this dynamic program.

Drop In Classes

Our drop in classes vary month to month based on attendance, new class ideas, and interest from our students. Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Technical Pole: We are polishing our pole moves, building our strength and getting preparing for the advanced levels. A perfect mix of strength, cardio, and conditioning.

Poleflow: Fine-tuning the moves we have learned from Level 1, 2 and 3, this pole dance-style class will help prepare you for the intermediate levels. Great workout for endurance, dance and strength.

Poleflow 2: Fine-tuning our intermediate moves, this pole dance-style class will help prepare you for the advanced levels. Great workout for endurance, dance and strength.

Poleflow 3: Fine-tuning our advanced moves, this pole dance-style class will help prepare you for the advanced levels. Great workout for endurance, dance and strength.

Lapdance Workshops: Lapdance workshops to a variety of songs such as Fever, Satisfied or during the holiday season, Santa Baby!  Please bring a men’s shirt, heels and a tie and get ready to have fun!

Getting Ready For the Stage: This class is offered during competition season or prior to a showcase.

Inversion Workshop: For students in Level 3 and higher this workshop will help you to flip upside down, snake down the pole, and do handstands against the pole. You will also learn several new spins that you won’t find in any of the levels! We will break the moves down step-by-step, and also work on activating the muscles you need to use for each move. You will work at your own pace to master and add finesse to whichever moves you are ready for.

Pole Circuit: Cardio, strength training, circuit training, and pole dancing all combined into one fun hour for four weeks! This class is designed to work the entire body. Combining cardio, strength training, and pole dancing into a fun and challenging circuit to keep your body moving throughout the hour. Pre-requisite is Level 2.

Flexibility and Strength Workshop: No matter what level you have completed, we work together on building our flexibility and strength to attain our goals!